JB Direct

Established in December 2008, JB Direct is our own in-house delivery company which facilities 95% of deliveries for all of our furniture retailers. Realising that the use of 3rd party carrier services was not only expensive but unreliable, JB Direct was created in order to gain control over that all important delivery process.

The delivery fleet is made up of forty 7.5 tonne and Luton vans, as well as containing ten artic lorries which collectively fulfil over 2500 orders every week. With hundreds of staff members, JB Direct covers almost the whole of the UK spanning from Plymouth to Inverness, with four main hubs nationwide that are based in Brentwood, Manchester, Glasgow and Swindon.

Often the biggest enemy for a furniture retailer is an unreliable delivery service where late or damaged deliveries can ruin all the hard work done up until that stage. By channelling the delivery procedure through an internal company which actually has a vested interest in ensuring the delivery process runs as smoothly and reliably as possible, the addition of JB Direct has created an integral unique selling point for our retail companies whilst minimising the cost of delivery significantly.

Deliveries are booked in advance directly with the customer by JB Directs' telephone advisors who will confirm a specific date and a time window for the delivery to take place to ensure maximum convenience for the customer. Delivery is made using a two-man delivery service on all orders using fully trained professional delivery staff, who will contact the customer when they are approximately thirty minutes away to keep the customer fully informed. Additionally, during delivery the drivers will take every item on the order into the property and directly to the requested room of choice by the customer so that all of the heavy lifting is taken care of.

The increase in efficiency and reduction in external delivery costs has meant that all of our retailers are able to actually offer a free, reliable delivery service and regularly received glowing feedback from our customers.